One in one thousand; Paste at the 2016 Florida film festival

Florida film festival is an international film festival held annually in Maitland, Florida by Enzian theatre. This festival includes all kind of narrative and documentary features. This festival is a platform for all the educational forums, parties and other events. This theatre is providing entertainment the residents of the central Florida. They are showing high-quality independent and international movies to the people and the visitors. This place has been home to the Florida Film Festival for past 25 years and is looking forward for more. The 2016 festival was held on April between the date of 8th and 16th April. The festival gives an opportunity for ne and independent filmmakers to have a platform where they can show their skills to the world and where their work would be appreciated. They come up with new styles, themes and so many other things to surprise the audience. There are so many things on schedule which are not to be missed. Thirty five filmmakers have returned with their absolutely new work and the festival also introduced 59 new female filmmakers. This amount is real big because it will help the industry to grow in Hollywood. Philip’s sister, Tina founded the enzian with their father John. She says” it feels like a family affair, well, that helps explain the festival’s appeal.

Philip in an interview said that it’s an old cracker homestead. It is unique. People come from Hollywood and go wow. That is what Paul Newman did. They realize this is authentic. It was done out of love, no B.S. That carries over to film festival. Everyone can experience film together, the film festival makes sense. We have managed to get some national recognition.”

The festivals also is gets grants from National Endowment for the Arts. This event also shares some categories with Oscars like live action, animated, documentary etc.

Movies which were shown in the festival are so many some of which are as follows.

  1. The Lobster

It has running time of 119 minutes and was shown on April 8 Friday night in Regal Winter Park Village A. the movie got 3 stars. The movie is about a society where those who are single has to find a partner in 45 days. After 45 days if they failed they will be transformed into an animal of their own choice. Isn’t it interesting? So the protagonist chooses to be a lobster because of his really long life.

  1. Man vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler got 3 stars too. It consists of 92 minutes under the category of Documentary Features Competition.
  2. Belladonna of sadness was shown under the category of Midnight Movies and consists of 93 minutes. The movie was rated 4 stars. This movie is very poetic. The movie is about a girl who is raped on her first wedding night and the latter to survive the girl make a pact with Devil and spearhead a sexual uprising.

Award winning shows or movies are as follows.

  1. The Lingerie Show got the best animated award.
  2. Best narrative short was awarded to Red Folder by Bn Kallam in competition to The Seamstress.
  3. Best documentary short was given to Pickle by Amy Nicholson.

And so the list goes on.

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